Charlotte Blake, CPDT-KA

Charlotte Blake is a certified professional dog trainer. Charlotte fell in love with animals at a young age. She took a job at a dog boarding kennel near the end of college. From feeding time to dog to dog interactions, she did it all and excelled quickly. During her time there, while 'playing' with dogs of all sizes, she began to develop a manner of handling and working cooperatively with them and their canine behaviors. In order to learn more she attended a very rigorous training program at Longmont Humane Society under Aimee Sadler. 

During the training, Charlotte learned the scientific principles behind training techniques and dog psychology to modify behavior. Through a combination of classroom instruction and daily hands-on experience with various behavioral dogs, Charlotte received a full-bodied handling and training experience, unrivaled by most other dog training schools and programs throughout the country. While in training, she learned how to assess issues as well as implement appropriate tools and training protocols to modify dog behaviors. She lived in Nashville taking private clients for over a year.

In 2011, she moved to NY to take a position at Animal Farm Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit working to secure equal treatment and opportunity for pit bull dogs. She was a member of the Care and Enrichment Team and the following year was promoted to the Behavior and Training Assistant. She implemented behavior protocols and followed up with adopters while also aiding in basic obedience training. 

In 2014, she worked as the Public Training Coordinator at Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation on Long Island, NY. She immediately ran large playgroups with shelter dogs, aided in getting difficult dogs though modification and ready for adoption, and held group classes for the public. Although she was enjoying her job she missed the Nashville lifestyle and relocated to Franklin, TN in June 2014. 

Charlotte has taught basic obedience, puppy kindergarten, agility, therapy, and canine good citizen (CGC) classes. She is a CPDT-KA and also a Canine Good Citizen evaluator through the American Kennel Club. Through her classes, private lessons, and shelter work, she has worked with literally thousands of dogs, of all breeds and backgrounds.


Ashley Reum

Ashley has been involved in dogs since a young child. She grew up with Rottweilers and found her passion working with dogs. She has worked for several Animal Welfare organizations. She has joined us at Fresh Canine with a lot of experience with dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.

Full Bio coming soon!


Rachel Stricklin

We are so happy to have Rachel on board. She owns two dogs herself and comes with great experience working at Veterinary Office.

Jeanine Collins


We are very excited to have Jeanine on board to teach our agility classes. Jeanine Collins has been teaching agility for over a decade, and is currently competing with both her Border Collie Zen, an Agility Dog Champion in USDAA, and her young Belgian Tervuren Malys. She has trained and learned agility in Germany, Russia,and South Africa, as well as in the United States. Jeanine enjoys showing dogs and humans how to play together and believes that agility is one of the most fun games any team can play.


Fresh Canine uses a balanced approach to training a dog. During the learning phase, we use positive reinforcement, shaping, and luring- performing several hundred repetitions of each command and exercise. After each dog learns the commands, we transition to phasing out the rewards, making the response to obedience reliable. Once a dog has mastered the commands, we proof and generalize the behavior by working under distractions. 

Training is constant

Training is constant – on every walk, in every situation in and out of your house, every time you go in the car, or whenever you go to the dog park or to the woods. Chances are your dog already knows what sit, down, stay, and come mean, but might not perform the commands every time or for very long. I find that many dogs don’t even pay attention to their owners most of the time. Dogs lunging at the end of their leashes, barking at other dogs, and not listening to their owners must be trained properly. You are responsible for training your dog, and I can teach you how.


Please take a look around, read about my philosophy, and browse the photo gallery to learn more about how I work. If you are unsure about training for your dog, feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns.